Once the judgment of a civil case is passed in a client's favour, APA shall enforce it without delay. If it concerns some payment to be made by the debtor and the debtor ignores the judgment, APA shall arrange a judgment execution as follows.

  • Accompanying an executing officer (and police officers, if necessary) to a place where the debtor's property is located and having the executing officer seize the property worth not less than the debt amount, if possible.
  • Following up auctions for the seized property which will be scheduled by the executing officer.
  • Attending auctions for the seized property and taking necessary action at the auctions to ensure that the seized property is properly bidden.
  • Receiving the proceeds from the auction after the seized property is sold.
  • Remitting the proceeds to the client.

     In case the proceeds do not cover the debt, further seizure may be arranged when there is more property available to be seized.