Best efforts are always made to avoid conflicts and, when they arise, to resolve them through negotiation. However, if litigation is necessary then APA provides full support to secure justice, whether it concerns civil, labour, tax or criminal law.

  • professional investigations to ensure that full information and evidence are available to support clients' cases;
  • advance clients' cases through court orders, for example, to: appoint estate administrators; revoke illegal acts; or appoint guardians;
  • expert representation based on solid experience of cases, including cases of:
    • Bankruptcy and business re-organization
    • Business dispute
    • Cheque, bill of exchange and promissory note
    • Copyright and trademark
    • Damages claimed
    • Eviction
    • Family
    • Guarantee, mortgage and pledge
    • Inheritance
    • Insurance
    • Labour and employment
    • Partnership and company
    • Property, land and condominium
    • Sale and hire-purchase
    • Wrongful act